Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health: Stark Youth Prevention Team

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Sarah Hough (Prevention Program Manager, Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health)

The Canton City School District continues its partnership with the Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health agency of Stark County. This agency provides a myriad of resources to the Stark County community and most importantly to our students within CCSD. Each month on This Week in Canton City Schools, we will be featuring resources and strategies to help the mental well being of our young people with experts from C&A along with the regularly scheduled, weekly episodes. On this particular episode of our special series, we were joined in studio by Sarah Hough Prevention Program Manager to focus on strategies and programs that will work on creating strong mental health skills and attributes in our students. She discusses what the agency can provide for families of the Canton City School District. OPEPP Hotline (844) 678-2227 Stark County Youth Led Prevention (SCYLP) Wednesdays from 5-7 pm Community Impact Coalition (CIC) Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm Meyer’s Lake Village Hall 1600 North Park Ave. Canton, OH 44708

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