This Week in Canton City Schools: 2022 International Day Of Peace

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Host: Jaclyn Power Guests: Kim Fete (Assistant Principal, McKinley High School) George Lancaster (School Community Worker)

Kim Fete, McKinley Assistant Principal and George Lancaster, School Community Worker at the STEAMM Academy join Jaclyn Power for this episode of This Week in Canton City Schools. The International Day of Peace held in September every year is an opportunity for us to embrace our compassion for one another and to celebrate a day of non-violence across the world. Each year there is a theme for this day and the theme this year is End racism. Build peace. The Canton City School District has participated in our local efforts of this special day for several decades now. Join the Canton City School students downtown on September 21st to celebrate this day. Also, in this episode we pay tribute to the life and legacy of Gloria Talarico.

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