Black History Program 2021 Presented by: Dueber - McGregor - Worley

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Students from Worley, McGregor and Dueber Elementary Schools have been studying about the famous African Americans who have made a difference in our lives. They open with a song called “Funga Alafia”. All of the schools sang this together. The kindergarteners performed a song about Dr. Martin Luther King on their rhythm instruments. The first graders performed a song called “Seeds” that they learned American Sign Language with. The second graders performed a song called “What Can One Little Person Do?” They learned the importance of one person and how one person can make a difference in history. You will also hear a speech by our very own Mr. Phillip Moore. He is a core sub at Worley Elementary School and he is a real African Chief. You will see some creative projects by students at McGregor Elementary. They worked on these projects with librarian, Alanni Harrell-Snell. This video was produced bv Sheli Boes Perchinske who is a music teacher at McGregor, Worley and Dueber Elementaries in collaboration with CCSTV.

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